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General information

Our API is created as a public resource for receiving the most complete information about the IP-address of the user. The data formats are XML or JSON with HTTP connection. Information in the databases updates every day and every webmaster can integrate this service with his own projects.


For the integration of our service with your projects, we offer you one of the following API:

  • service "Geo-IP API";
  • service "Provider-IP API".
  • service "Hosting API";
  • service "Email API".

Restrictions in use

The inquiries' number limit to each service "Geo-IP API", "Provider-IP API", "Hosting API" or "Email API" amounts to no more than 100 inquiries from one IP address during 24 hours.

Data format

Data provided by our API contains the following fields.

ip — checking IP address;
country_code — 2-characters country identifier;
country — name of country in english;
country_rus — name of country in russian;
region — name of region in english;
region_rus —name of regionin russian;
city — name of city in english;
city_rus — name of city in russian;
latitude — latitude;
longitude — longitude;
zip_code — postcode;
time_zone — time zone.
ip — checking IP address;
name_ripe — provider official name in the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) database;
name_rus — provider name/brand in russian;
site — provider website;
as — provider AS;
ip_range_start — numeral value (iptolong) of the first IP address of the ISP's network;
ip_range_end — numeral value (iptolong) of the last IP address of the ISP's network;
route — network;
mask — netmask.
name_ripe — hosting provider official name in the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) database;
site — hosting provider website;
true — verifiable email address exists;
false — verifiable email address doesn't exist;

Examples of API requests


API call with an empty parameter "ip" returns information about the IP address from which handling comes.

Examples of response

<country>United states</country>
<city>Mountain view</city>
"country":"United states",
"city":"Mountain view",
<name_ripe>PJSC "Datagroup"</name_ripe>
<name_rus>ЧАО "Датагруп"</name_rus>
"name_ripe":"PJSC \"Datagroup\"",
"name_rus":"\u0427\u0410\u041e \"\u0414\u0430\u0442\u0430\u0433\u0440\u0443\u043f\"",
<name_ripe>Google Inc.</name_ripe>
"name_ripe":"Google Inc."
true / false


100 queries per day are free.

1000 requests per day to our database for 30 days cost 10$. Each following thousand is worth + 1$. For example if you want 5000 requests per day it will cost 14$ for month.

Unlimited number of queries — 100$ per month.

For more information, please contact